How do Tesitoo works?

We work with networks of farmers, dealers to bring local agricultural products to the door steps of consumers in the Gambia combined with up to date information on the agriculture value chain, including daily market prices.

What the steps to post and purchase products on the Tesitoo platforms?

Here are sample steps:

Step 1: Farmer or dealers or producers by themselves or with help of Tesitoo agent posts her products online 

Step 2: Consumer browses through a list of products and make order.

Step 3: Product shipped to consumers or consumer pick the products at stores.

Step 4: Farmers and consumers received notification at level of the transaction from purchase to delivery.

How can I purchase product?

It simple! Browse through the list of products and click purchase. The system will take you through the process.

Who can join Tesitoo?

Tesitoo is open to small scale local dealers, farmers or producers of agricultural goods in the Gambia. 

How are partners paid?

Partners are paid once the buyer receives the product purchased in the required conditions. The period of payment can be weekly or monthly. 

Who can purchase products?

Anyone can purchase products on the Tesitoo platform from individual to businesses such as hotels, supermarkets etc.

I purchased product, can I pick it up myself from the store or farmland?

Yes, on checkout, you have an option to have product delivered to you for additional charges or go pick it up yourself from the store or farmland.

Do you deliver the entire country?

Due to logistical reasons, delivery services for now are only available for Banjul, Kanifing Municipality and West Coast region.

What is duration of delivery period?

Purchase product can reach the buyer within 24 hours during working days. 

How can I pay for purchase products?

Purchase product at the moment can only be paid by cheque, bank transfer or cash.