Our story

The founder of Tesitoo Ebrima Dem - had vision of supporting local farmers in the Gambia to improve production and marketing of their agricultural goods. In 2009, after completing his Bachelor in Agriculture Ebrima started a project call WIFE (Women’s Initiative for Empowerment) meant to empower women farmers in his community through community farming and agribusiness.


The WIFE project was piloted in Dongoroba village, Lower River region and over the years was able to transform a once abandon land into viable community garden with farming implements, storage, fencing and training for the farmers. The result - these farmers were able produce enough vegetables for consumption and for sell. However, as production increases, the farmers could not sell their products anymore, except through local intermediaries at weekly markets call lumo. This traditional supply chain is exploitative as intermediaries hoard market prices, capitalized on the poverty and desperation of farmers for profit.


For years working with these local farmers and observing this unfair situation, Ebrima realized that the problems of local women farmers in Gambia are not  just lack of land or farm implements but mainly lack of market  opportunities. He came up with the idea of creating a market platform for local farmers and through mobile app and the online market he hope to leverage the bargaining potential of local farmers using the internet technology. And through Tesitoo ( meaning collaboration in Mandinka Language) we connect scales farmers and agricultural dealers directly to consumers,  maximum their profit while ensuring that consumers pay less for healthy, organic, locally produced agricultural products.