About Us

Tesitoo is a mobile app and web base platform that connect rural and small holders farmers to buyers, eliminating barriers in the supply chain of agricultural products in the Gambia. This open up new market opportunities for local farmers and increase their income level, while allowing urban buyers to pay less for their products. Tesitoo works with networks rural farmers, agents and hand-picked drivers to facilitate the selling buying and delivery of purchased products from rural to urban Gambia. By offering the public the opportunity to buy and sell agricultural products, share information and good practices in Agri-business in real-time, Tesitoo response to United Nations Sustainable Goals such as:

Goal 1: Reducing poverty

Goal 2: Ensure food security

Goal 3: And Gender equality.

Problem Solved

Local farmers in Gambia are faced with enormous challenges of selling their products due to dearth of market information and disconnectedness between farmers and buyers. Thus gab is exploited by intermediaries. Tesitoo addressed this problem by bringing, farmers, buyers and other stakeholders closer together thereby reducing the hoarding of marketing information create market for local farmers, while providing timely and up-to-date information on agribusiness in the  Gambia.

How It Works

A rural farmer through the help of Tesitoo agent posts her products online via app or website. Buyers browse through a list of products and make order.  Order information emailed to farmer, including payment options. Good shipped to buyer directly or to depot across the country.  Farmers and buyers received notification of status of product- purchase to delivery.